Shining Vessels Academy offers the opportunity for students to learn in the most extensive and a very strong academic environment with our mission to create academic excellence in every child.

The school has many attributes that make us a unique, highly regarded and one of the best schools in Kumasi . Children here are happy, and they feel a deep connection to, and pride in their school, because we develop the unique potential of every student at Shining Vessels Academy. Most noticeable in our school is the genuine care and mutual respect between staff and children.

Our school, which caters for Creche,Preschool and Primary, is situated in Kumasi, Santasi Ahenema Kokoben.   The school was established in 2019 we have a very well structured system to help with the development of your child.

Our philosophy is that students learn most effectively in a challenging, interactive environment, so we aim to provide a relevant, stimulating education that will help them relate their classroom experience to the real world. We place a high value on students becoming adaptable, confident and active members of society. We encourage creative thinking, the acquisition of problem-solving skills and a life-long love of learning to best prepare them to meet future challenges.